If you love singing and love singing by yourself, the Vocal program is for you!
This program includes musicianship training and ensemble work (music theatre, jazz choir etc) but also provides individual lessons with outstanding vocal coaches. Shaun Brown (Opera Qld,University of Qld) and Annie Lower (Opera Qld) are experienced performers, outstanding pedagogues and inspiring teachers. They work with singers across the entire range from beginners to advanced and move easily from one genre to the next. They understand what is needed to help the individual develop their potential, and they are always supportive and encouraging of the singers in their care.
We believe that everyone can sing and that everyone should sing!
Of course, some of us haven’t had the chance to learn how to use our voices previously but your voice is uniquely you and we want you to be able to participate in singing and to feel confident in using your voice. Learning to sing involved both developing musical skills and understanding and the musicianship program provides this essential training, particularly in terms of supporting in-tune singing. Then, participation in the choral program allows each participant to use their voice with others in a safe and supportive learning environment.
Participants who are involved in the full program will sing in the Jazz Choir each afternoon with Pete Churchill. However, interested members of the community and educational professions are encouraged to be involved – this is a wonderful opportunity to learn from one of the great jazz musicians of our time! Come along, learn something new and join in the great joy of singing with others!

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