It isn’t only celebrities who write songs! Everyone can learn to combine their own words with Music!
Song writing is all about telling stories and the most effective stories tell us about the experiences and insights of an individual or of the feelings and values of the community in which we live. In this program, participants will be encouraged to reflect on such lived experiences and to focus on the way that the story can reach out and connect with others. The development of the text is a major focus in this process and students will be engaged in finding their own story telling voice. It is important to recognise that effective song writing is more often driven by insightful text than musical sophistication, and song writing in this sense does not require substantial music background and experience as a prerequisite.
There are a range of approaches that can be used to support inexperienced song makers: storytelling, collaborative song writing, song gathering as well as straight forward song composition. We believe that everyone can participate and be successful in writing songs!
The Song Writing course is led by Victorian singer, songwriter and singing facilitator Fay White. Recognised as one of Australia’s pre-eminent ‘folkies’, Fay has worked in a wide range of community settings, supporting people as they navigate their way through natural disasters, grief and loss, environmental issues, and personal and domestic recovery. Fay works easily with children and adults alike and is renowned for her gentle yet rigorous approach to teaching and learning. She has worked for over 30 years to share the love of music and singing and to empower individuals and strengthen communities. Fay is considered by many to be a national treasure! 
Fay's processes in developing songs with others are particularly useful for both experienced song makers and those who are new to writing songs.

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