Pop, jazz, contemporary, Classical– get those fingers moving!
The Piano Academy is intended to provide aspiring pianists with a rounded education through a comprehensive and innovative training program. Delivered by professional music educators in close collaboration with internationally acclaimed teachers and educators, participants in the Piano Academy will experience an intensive program designed to give them the tools to take their artistry, technique and careers to the next level. The Piano Academy is designed to be flexible so that the interests and capacities of each child are catered for; however, participants will be able to develop their skills and knowledge across a wide range of aspects associated with piano playing.
Each day,students in this course will participate in graded musicianship classes for the first session of the day. Following this, younger students will sing in the Children’s Choir while more advanced students will take the Jazz theory class where they will learn performance and theoretical elements of various jazz styles. Following this, piano students will have the opportunity to perform in a master class situation; students may choose any style/genre of music to play in this class, including classical, contemporary, popular and jazz. In this class, students will perform their chosen piece and receive feedback on their playing as well as tips about how to further develop their performing skills. After lunch, participants may be involved in Pete’s MegaBand, sing in the jazz choir, or use this time for private practice.

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