Everybody enjoys the excitement of Jazz – here is an opportunity to learn how it all works!
Led by internationally renowned performer, teacher, conductor, composer and performer, Pete Churchill, is a regular and much-loved visitor to Australia.  Pete has been involved in twenty years teaching at the Guildhall School of Music, is the Professor of Jazz
Composition at the Royal Academy of Music in London and runs the jazz choir at Trinity College of Music. As a performer, Pete has been featured at many festivals internationally working as a singer, pianist and conductor. In 2007, Pete received the Parliamentary Award for Services to Jazz Education and regularly works with his choir ‘The London Vocal Project’ in various schools, communities and performing venues and recording studies.
In this program, participants will attend graded musicianship classes (4 levels) every day followed by Jazz Theory and Improvisation. In this class, students will study a range of repertoire from the Jazz genre and develop an understanding of theory (chords, scales), playing techniques and improvisational styles. This knowledge is put to practice in the MegaBand session held after lunch or participate in the Song Writing class with Fay White. This class is led by Pete Churchill and is a combination of improvisation, composition and performance. The final session of the day is a combined class with everyone singing in the Jazz choir in the afternoon.
In each session, participants bring their voice, ears and favoured instrument to weave melodies, harmonies, words and soul together with Pete Churchill. No reading of music is involved, and everyone creates their own arrangement of the song to play.

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