Brass, Woodwinds and Strings
This program provides the opportunity for budding musicians to continue the development of their own instrumental performance skills. However, involvement in the program not only immerses the student in aural musicianship but also allows each player to develop their all-important ensemble performance skills.
This program provides a range of opportunities and caters for both primary and secondary players who have some proficiency on their instrument already (AMEB Grade Two or higher). It is expected that all students have a good grounding in technique and performance and that can easily read music on their instrument.
Participants will be involved in daily graded musicianship classes (appropriate to their experience and ability) as well as a range of possible instrumental activities: solo performance, ensemble skills class, tutorials, demonstration workshops, choir, ensemble and individual practice, individual and group lessons, string orchestra and repertoire study.
The Brass and Woodwind component of this course will be led by Phil and Caroline Ryan. Both of these teachers have impressive careers as performers and pedagogues and both have worked across the entire spectrum of teaching and learning: private studio teaching, group teaching within the school context, tertiary level teaching and community settings. Phil and Caroline are deeply committed to music education in its broadest sense and are involved in a number of community engagement and outreach programs in Queensland.
The String component of this course will be directed by Joanna Fairs-Wu. Joanna is an experienced String player and orchestral performer and is widely recognised as an outstanding teacher and ensemble conductor.  She is used to working with students within the school context as well as the private studio and is able to form strong foundations for the beginning students as well as provide challenge and extension for the more experienced player. Presently, she is Head of Strings at NECOM and directs a number of ensembles in Armidale including the Youth String Orchestra.

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